Training Curriculum

SARA Training Manuals 2

The Sex Addiction Recovery Association provides certification training for ministry leaders and pastors, lay counselors and life coaches, as well as professional counselors and psychologists.  We offer 4 levels of training.

  • LEVEL 1:  Basic Training Curriculum (Ministry Leaders & Pastors)
  • LEVEL 2:  Intermediate Training Curriculum (Lay Counselors & Life Coaches)
  • LEVEL 3:  Advanced Training Curriculum (Professional Counselors & Psychologists)
  • LEVEL 4:  Masters Training Curriculum (Certified Supervisors)

The Sex Addiction Recovery Association proudly presents a new paradigm:  moving from…

  • Victim to Victor
  • The Victim/Shame Model to the Victor/Winning Model
  • Defense to Offense
  • What you are fighting against to what you are fighting for
  • Who you were to who you were created to be
  • A heart at war to a heart at peace
  • Your badness to discovering your goodness
  • Recovery (the old you) to discovering the designed you


  • why the codependency model doesn’t work
  • why the trauma model doesn’t work
  • why the core of every addiction is the addiction to being offended
  • powerful new tips and tools